What is Coaching?

Advancements in brain scanning technologies such fMRI and EEG have lately brought far greater understanding of how the human brain thinks, responds and creates habits. Coaching uses this knowledge of Neurosciences to ‘reframe’ or ‘rethink’ possible solutions by building new wiring in the brain and embeds it as a habit for long term impact. Coaching is also known as self-directed learning which makes the impact measurable and sustainable over a lifetime, often providing a life altering experience.

Coaching is the highest form of learning for maximum impact. While traditional learning and development initiatives provide an environment of continuous learning and hence relevancy in changing times, coaching delivers a razor sharp personalized but self-directed solution.

Outcome Based Coaching (OBC)

Outcome Based Coaching differs from traditional approaches in that you “begin with the end in mind” (7 Habits of highly effective people – Stephen R Covey). Instead of identifying who should be coached, an organizational pain area is highlighted and a desired outcome defined. The coach then works with key leaders engaged and responsible for the identified area and delivers the desired outcomes through them. The ROI in coaching interventions are visible and measurable.

Solve your most complex organizational problems

Most organizational challenges are a function of external and internal forces at play and it is a known fact that often the ‘enemy is within’. OBC identifies this as the Intent-Reality Gap – leaders don’t do as they intend to. Whether it is a struggling performance management system or stagnated gender diversity workforce or lackadaisical training performance, the root cause can be distilled down to either lack of effective processes or lack of the right mind set or employee behaviour.

Solving the process problem is relatively easy with a plethora or platforms and tools available in the market but it is far more difficult to solve the mind set challenges. This in turn impacts innovative thinking, inclusive behaviour and transparency in organizational leadership. This is where OBC comes in which can help create ‘new thinking’ and ‘new behaviours’ in leadership thereby translating them into desired attitude and behaviours.

Selecting your Coach

Since coaching interventions deal with the mind, in the wrong hands, it can cause damage to the thinking process of individuals and teams. Hence it is of utmost importance to select the right Coach. Our coaches are NLI credentialed RCC and ICF, US credentialed ACC coaches and bring deep understanding of the business context and OD to create the right balance. We sign up to the common desired outcomes to demonstrate our commitment and confidence in the process.